this is for all the long distance lovers.
may you all live happily ever after♥
LOVE ♥ > distance
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hi. i only like fall because of sweaters. bye 

i miss having a boyfriend thoooo. it’s been too long. what’s wrong with me

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Anonymous: this isn't long distance but i need help. I like my best friends brother, a couple months ago she found out and got really pissed so i put it on down low. just this Wednesday night we snap chatted and he called me "cute" and said i was "hilarious and thats something he loves" and now were texting and i think i'm seeing him tomorrow. i think he likes me back so i have two questions 1.how can i tell if he likes me? 2.what do i do about my friend?

one sure way to tell if someone likes you is obviously by just asking him,but i know that’s usually terrifying and hard to do. so if you continue talking or hang out, just see where that goes. you can usually get a pretty good idea about how someone might feel about it just by the things they say or the way that they act. as far as your friend goes…..just try to explain to her how you feel. talk to her about it,even if she does get a little upset. you obviously can’t help the way that you feel. if you and her brother end up becoming something more,hopefully she will try to understand and if she’s your friend she will most likely want you,as well as her brother, to be happy. ♥ 

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Anonymous: I like this guy and I don't like his best friend should I tell him or should I try to get to know his best friend more?

you can’t really choose someone’s friends for them,whether it’s a friend of another friend or if it’s a friend of your boyfriend/girlfriend. it can sometimes cause a problem if you don’t like their friend or if you say you don’t like their friend. if they choose to be friends with them,then if you care about that person you just have to deal with it. you want your boyfriend to be happy,so just try your best to at least be decent to his friend. maybe try to get to know him a little better if you feel like that would help. sometimes we don’t like a friend of someone we care about because we don’t think that person is good for them,we’re just trying to look out for them.  just do whatever you think is best ♥ 

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