this is for all your long distance lovers.
may you all live happily ever after♥
LOVE ♥ > distance
Anonymous: Get better ASAP hunn!!!!

thank you! :) 

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lost-in-my--dreams: Get well soon xxx

thank you :)

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Anonymous: Get better ASAP love!

thank you! 

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Anonymous: you're probably not gonna see this till tomorrow, but I hope you feel better soon have a lovely day :)

thank you,dear 

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Anonymous: Happy Birthday love!

thank you,darling! 

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still not feeling too great. i’ll definitely answer the longer messages in my ask box as soon as i start feeling better, i promise. i wanna be able to concentrate and give the best replies i can. i apologize! thank you for all the get well messages AND all the birthday messages i got for my birthday the other day! love you xooox 

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sayadanpikiransaya: happy birthday! have a wonderful love (&) life ahead, blissful and blessed all the time :)

thank you!! :)

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earth-and-art: I don't know you but Happy Birthday!!!!

thank you! :) 

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beautiful-day-dreamer19: Happy birthday sweetie :)

thank you  ♥

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